2019 Life Hacks... Volume 1

It's only mid-January, so it's the perfect time for me to start sharing my Life Hacks.

When inspiration hits, I get these epiphanies and I write them down and start adding them to my everyday life, both personally and with my interactions with others. I have received my first idea so I figured, why not share it with you guys!

Life Hack #1: Stop involving jokers into your life that don't really want to be involved.

It seems self-explanatory but, since ranting is my thing, please allow me to go on.

I have the tendency to jump headfirst into relationships.

Now, I'm not just talking about romantic ones. I mean all relationships. I'm a supporter so I aggressively support the people that I love. Some believe that I over-support but, when it comes to those I love, I don't believe that's a possible thing.

I monetarily support business, I plan events, I share ideas and troubleshoot. I help streamline and economize. I do what Sam does best: help. I'm better than a good bra. I don't just hold those suckers up. I slim, lift, tighten, accentuate... I do it all.

Cuz that's how I roll.

But, it has come to my attention a few moments ago that some of my support doesn't only go unnoticed. It goes undesired. There are those that may want my help, but they have also gotten too comfortable accepting my help. they have begun to expect it. And, because I'm such a friend, give assistance without thinking about it. I show up because I know all too well how it feels to have to struggle alone and I wouldn't want anyone that I call a friend to feel that loneliness. Everyone deserves help every once in a while, right???

Nope. Loud and wrong again.

Everyone wants your love, but everyone DOES NOT deserve your generosity. It's not about being selfish or self-involved. It's called being wise with your resources. It's called being selective. You aren't selfish; you're exclusive. Everyone wants what only a few people have because it's hard to find and valuable. No one wants what has been picked over. So stop letting people pick over you.

We all deserve to be appreciated but not everyone is going to appreciate what you have to offer. So don't showcase it. Save your most exclusive attributes for the ones that are most worthy. Those are the people that will bend over as far backwards for you as you will for them. It's okay to reserve your best self for you.

You're the one who deserves your love the most...


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