Adulting and it Feels So Good...

Grand Rising, good people ☀️

Let me start off by saying that today’s rant is courtesy of one of my good friends. She pretty much ordered me to write about her. I’m not gonna say her name, but if I don’t say this, she’ll be mad at me because she’s temperamental and pregnant.

Thank you boo 🤗

Anyway, this friend of mine is in the family way, and is nesting. Have you ever heard of that term? It’s when a woman close to having a baby starts getting her house ready for the new arrival. They clean and organize and do other things in preparation for her bundle. My boo is doing everything except taking her home and turning it upside down, shaking everything wxcept her husband and son out.

In the past few weeks, she has gotten rid of her furniture, a very large potted plant, a dining room set and a tv stand. I am not complaining because I’m on my way to collect an overnight bag and several clothing items. I am not too bougie to take freebies

Free is in my price range.

This just got me to thinking: Am I really prepared for the life that I want to live?

I started pondering how I’ve been making room in my life for the things that I want. I remember a preacher saying that if you Have to fake it til you make it. I’m not faking anything but I have been making plans for the future that I want for myself.

I guess You can say I’m becoming proficient in adulting. My daughter passing away threw me in a bit of a tailspin, but it also gave me an unexpected kick in the butt that I needed to become the star player of my own team.

I’m absolutely manic about paying my bills on time. I’m repairing and establishing better credit. My awareness of my healthy is heightening, so I’m working out more consistently and paying attention to what I’m eating and why I’m eating it. I do eventually want to get married again, so I’m considering what I want as well as what I have to offer. My mentality about life in general has changed, so I’m preparing for the future I want.

Without a new baby, of course.

If I have learned anything from the passing of My Chief, its that you have to take an active role in your own life. The happenings of my daily life are of my own making; I choose. If I want it to be good, I make it good. If I want it to be bad, it will be bad. I have to prepare for what I want and that’s what I’m trying to do.

And surprisingly, it’s working for me.

Becoming aware of the power in my life has made me so happy. Even though I am still sad over the loss of my daugher, my ambitions and hope for the bright future ahead of me is bright. I appreciate the lessons I learned in the past and I can see how it is paving the way for my future. It’s so crazy finally be able to see what I want my life to look like and be able to take an active role in its development. I’m excited. And I’m Almost 40, so it’s about time I got the hang of handling my own life.

I might not be getting a new car new furniture yet, but I am grateful for what I have. And thankful always makes room for more.

Siri! Play Beyoncé‘s Grown Woman. I might just twerk a lil bit. Cuz I’m grown...

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