Applause is So Necessary...

Grand Rising and Happy Fridaying, ladies and gentlemen.

I was gonna talk about self-motivation today, but I decided against it. Instead, I want to talk about your people.

You know the ones I mean.

Your cheering section. Your fan base. Don't you have one? I do.

And they stay lit.

I have never been one for self-confidence. My self-esteem hasn't always been as high as it is now, and even now its still grossly lacking. I know that I'm smart and cute and flyy. I get it. But believing in my abilities to flaunt my flyy hasn't been my strong suit.

But I have been so fortunate. My parents didn't always understand my personality, but they support my independence and help whenever they can. My friends, of course. My co-workers and my Sisters. My brother. They dig me.

And I dig them right back.

It's important to understand that, it's good to be able to fight for yourself. You have to fully believe in yourself and your strength and your capabilities and your gifts and talents to be able to fight through the mess that the world is. There are literally people that troll social media and the internet with no other purpose but to tear others down. They are those without gifts and talents that want nothing else but to see you fail.

But then, there are those that want to see you fly.

They usually go unnoticed because bad news sticks more than good. Why is that? Why is that we hold on to the criticism more than the clapping? Why do we harp on the bad words more than the well wishes? Why is it so hard to believe that someone else thinks that we are as amazing as we think we are ourselves?

Because its easier to doubt than to believe.

It sounds crazy, but its easy to walk alone. It's easy to believe in yourself in silence and to keep your dreams quiet but it's hard to put yourself out there and have someone think that you're even more amazing than you think. But there are people, waiting in the shadows. And they are camped out there, hoping that someone like you comes along to give them what they've been waiting on.

So what are you waiting for?

You can go hard and live right and be happy and there will always be someone that has something negative to say. That's just the way the world is. While it is great to go new places and meet different people and experience new things, the other side of that story is that there are going to be people that are contrary to everything you stand for. Rarely is it on purpose, but it's mostly because everyone is different, and different people feel differently about things. It's just the luck of the draw.

But what you need to understand, darling, is that the people that aren't feeling what you have to offer doesn't matter. If no one ever reads my books or click on my blog, does that mean that my hard work isn't good. ABSOLUTELY NOT! All that means is that, for every person that isn't feeling it, there are two or three people that do. And those are the people that I write for. I love it. They love it. What do I care about the people that don't?

One man armies don't win wars.

All of us have something to offer in this world and all of us need someone at some point in our lives. They are the people that you should focus on. They are the applause that fuels you. Don't let the opinions of others dictate what you do, and do not do with your life. If I did that, I wouldn't have kids, be a phlebotomist, have friends, date... The list goes on. But I learned long ago that the right people with present themselves when you become the person that they need. Because they are the people that will love you enough to tell you the truth, hold your hand when you cry, laugh with you when you laugh and celebrate your achievements.

So go achieve something so the applause can begin...

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