Everybody Goes!

Head 'em up! Move 'em out!

I'm sorry. My dad is a big fan of Westerns and I had a flashback. I think I just got a bit overly excited because my kids went back to school today! And much like most of the Westerns that I've paid attention to, it was kinda like herding cattle to get them up and out this morning.

Yup, after a long 2 weeks of Christmas and New Year break, 6:45am wake ups and out the door by 10 minutes to 7 is back in full effect, and I'm not mad about it.

At all.

One thing that has been irritating the back of my mind is that this is the last semester of high school for my daughter Stacey. I've has a lot of people say "Awww. Aren't you sad that your baby is growing up???" I would make a standard sad face and nod my head in a solemn fashion but I never actually speak because I don't want to lie...

I think I am one of the 5% of mothers that can't wait for their kids to grow up.

Yup. I said it. I'm ecstatic.

Don't get me wrong; I'm concerned. But worried? Nope. Not at all. My stepdaughter went away to school last year and, while I was praying that she stayed safe and did well, I had no worries. But, I always figured it was because I was the step. As in, "step to the side, she has 2 parents already." I was just the backup. I'm just the listening ear when she vents and a QuickPay when she's desperate. But now that my born-oldest has one foot out of the door, some of the people around me find it odd that I'm not ripping my clothes and falling down in sack cloth and ashes because my kids are getting big.

Um... Newsflash. That's what they're supposed to do.

Our babies can't stay babies forever.

The stages of growth and development are concrete. I'm not one of those mothers that hated when their kids became potty-trained, or started taking steps, or cried for hours after their baby's first day of school. I'm the mom that welcomed all of those stages with open arms and is looking forward to so many more. Why? Because my job as my kids' mom is to make sure that they have a sufficient enough home environment to become upstanding, self-reliant, confident members of society.

I am the one that helped my youngest learn how to behave in school so that he would get beat up, and so that he will learn that a proper set of good manners can take you places in the world.

I am the one that taught my youngest daughter that bathing on a regular basis isn't just something that will keep me from yelling, but will also help her have good hygiene throughout her life.

I am the one that is the example for all of my girls that you don't necessarily need a man, but having one ain't that bad if he treats you well.

And I'm currently the one teaching my sons how to do laundry so they won't grow up thinking a woman has to take care of them.

See? I'm not heartless. Just teaching 5 kids the importance of independence.

So when my daughter graduates from high school in June, I will probably shed a few tears. The road to get her there has not been an easy one, but she's almost there and for that I'm grateful. But dreading her reaching adulthood? Absolutely not! Me, God and a village of loved ones have done everything we can to make sure that she has tools she needs when adult life knocks her down. And I'll step back in, help her up, dust her off and keep her moving.

Because that's Sam as a parent.


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