#FeelingMyselfFriday: Vanity Edition...

Grand Rising and Happy Fridaying!

After a week of training sessions at work, t-shirt designing and wrangling 4 kids, I’m ready for the weekending shenanigans to begin. But before I rush off for some much needed time with my friend and her family, I have something I want to get off my chest.

It all started with a selfie.

I don’t really like taking pictures. It’s not that I think I’m unattractive or anything. I’m the epitome of #biggirlfine. Pretty smile, intense eyes, thick thighs, pretty feet. I’m lit. I guess I’m just not really comfortable in my skin. Not even sure if I ever have been.

I’ve told you before that I’m on a self-awareness journey since my eldest daughter passed away in February and, ever since, I’ve been working on me.

I think that I have read hundreds of articles and several books on self-love. I follow self-love bloggers and a few plus size on IG, absorbing a lot of information on the subject. Sometimes it helps to see how other people love on themselves in order to find the best ways to show yourself some affection. Do you know what advice I haven’t read?

Hunni, look at yourself.

The more I thousand got about it the more I realize that, when you’re falling in love with someone, the more you want to see them. You want to memorize every dimple, every birthmark. You wanna know what they’re saying when they aren’t speaking out loud. You study their mannerism and habits. You spend time watching them and learning them.

Keep that same energy with yourself.

I noticed that I don’t spend much time looking at myself in the mirror. I mean, I watch myself wash my face and brush my teeth, comb my hair and apply my makeup. But I don’t lookat myself. Irecently started spending time gazing at myself in the mirror. Studying my eyes and the many facial expressions people tell me I make. I also started taking more pics, selfies as well as full-body. I can’t love me if I don’t know me, and that doesn’t just mean on the inside.

I want to know my outsides too.

When I meet someone new, this is the order of things that I notice:






Total Body Scan

In that order. No matter who it is or what capacity I meet them in, this is what I do. So if I notice those things about others, why shouldn’t I pay attention to them on myself?

I constantly hear “I have to be the change that I want” echoing in my mind. If I want change, I have to become what I want to attract. That means I have to pay closer attention to the Sam that I’m showing to the world.

And no, no one’s opinion of me matters but mine. But if I don’t think highly of myself, and that means my entireself, then how can I expect anyone else to think of me at all.

I started taking daily selfies, and when I go out, I take a lot of pics of myself. I want to love me exactly the way I am and love myself into the changes that I want to become.

Before my daughter passed away, my mom used to tell her that she never saw a mirror she didn’t love. She took her vanity personally and seriously Because she loved herself and she was confident in her beauty. I think she left that gift with me. I’m constantly looking at my reflection and speaking lovingly to myself, because I love me. And expressing love to myself is a task that is harshly overdue.

I finally realize that loving myself is the key to everything that I want to receive and accomplish in my life. So I’m loving the way my body is changing as I’m making healthier life changes. I’m loving the way the dimple in my right cheek pops up when I smile. I’m loving the way I bite the left side of my lip when I’m feeling frisky. I’m loving my total package. Because that’s what I am.

I told you; I’m lit, boo.

I wanna keep my goals in front of me and clear to see and, for right now...

The #1 goal is to be the best me that I can be, while living the best life that I can live...

Join me in my #SelfLiveGoals! Take some selfies and pics of yourself and post them on IG, tagging your friendly, neighborhood big girl blogger using my tags:

#DamnItSam #BigGirlFine

You might just see your pic reposted on my page...🎀

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