#Floating Fiction Book Review... Hoodwinked Edition...

Grand Rising and Happy New Year, Bookworms!

My first pick of the year was FIRE so let's just do this...

"Hoodwinked" by Desiree

From the back cover:

"All her life, Jasmine has been groomed in Atlanta’s high society to be the perfect woman of wealth. Soon to be married off to Percy Hugo Milton to keep money circulating between black families, she realizes she’s stuck in a dead end relationship where he basically, “ain’t shit”. Money matters most, marriage is nothing but a business deal, and love is nonexistent in Percy’s eyes. Not to mention he finds her particularly boring, and uninspiring. Jasmine becomes desperate when she seeks the help of a spiritual guide. An eccentric witch named Delilah Skye who grants her three things she wants in life. Friendship, great sex, and true love. Yet, the reading doesn’t go as planned when Delilah informs Jasmine that everything she wants is hidden in the man she hates the most. Percy.

After a wild drunken night in Atlanta a few years ago with some girl he never planned on seeing again, Homer Skye thought he had life figured out. He had the plans laid out to propose to his long time girlfriend Nasia Stewart, move her into a house, and start his family immediately. The all american dream. That is, until he runs into his one night stand, Pia Milton, and their two year old daughter he knew nothing about.

With the Moon becoming full almost every night in Atlanta, things start to turn upside down as these two stories collide at the hands of black magic, family ties, and messy drama. Determined to find true love, Jasmine takes matters into her own hands by proposing a deal to her cheating fiancé. Pia has to come to terms with tolerating her child’s father, and the black magic that runs deep in his crazy family. While Homer struggles with the thought of this woman who lied about their daughter for two years, might just be the one he’s meant to be with all along."

First Thoughts?

My continued interested in Black spirituality made this work of fiction a prime pick for me right now. I should have known something was up when there was a disclaimer before the story even started:

"Fine Print:

This story contains a little magic,

belief in the impossible,

and a few other random things and people that make up the story.

Might be some hood shit in here too, I don’t know.

I say, just read it."


There was a lot going on from the very beginning of this story, and I had to make a list so that I could keep up and not get lost.

I left the date on it so you can see I made it while I was reading, lol.

There are a lot of other minor characters who's names you will read but these are my main thangs.

What??? Like the summary says, Jasmine is the one that kicked it off my going to get a psychic reading from a woman named Delilah. She was unhappy about the fact that her life was boring. Even though she was from a wealthy family, well-educated and beautiful, her family obligations made her destined for an arranged marriage to who she felt was a less-than-desirable Percy, who's family was also supposed to be well to-do.

The psychic reading and bit of Hoodoo revealed that some magic that had been put into place a year ago was about to cause the proverbial shit to hit the fan.

And so it did...

When and Where???

No years were specified so I think it's safe to say that the story takes place in modern times.

And the setting is mostly in Atlanta, Georgia but the ending is in South Carolina.


Because... why not?

This book was the perfect blending of all things necessary to hold my attention and I'm sure it will hold yours as well. Let me warn you, at first, there is a lot going on. I had to make the list just so I could keep all of the names with the story line that belonged to them until they began to blend together. There were also some parts that seems a bit repetitive because of how the stories overlapped but, overall, I was very pleased with this read.

My favorite quote were:

"...Being married is like two violent cities living side by side trying to keep the peace and prosper under one state, one rule..."

If that ain't the damn truth.

Jasmine and Percy were getting married for money. Homer wanted to marry Nasia for love. Pia and Dre were getting married based on a lie. Everyone thought that they had all of the answers until Delilah and the Universe shook their worlds up like a snow globe. I felt bad for Violet because she is destined to grow into an adult that need therapy at some point in her life.

Love is not something that can be finessed or fooled with; either it happens naturally or it should not happen at all. Magic is definitely a tool that must be handled with extreme care or the outcome will be explosive.


Last Words???

I give this book 4 Puffs: 🌬🌬🌬🌬

Major Floatability. It would have been a perfect 5 but there was so much going on at the beginning... I almost put it down. I liked it because could relate to all of the characters and actually got lost in the story after I made my list, which is exactly what I look for in a story. And while I do prefer a stand-alone story and this one ended on a bit of a cliff, I don't feel like I'm lacking completion. The author answered all unanswered questions and solved all but one problem.

There were equal parts drama, romance, suspense and sex with hints of ratchet sprinkled throughout. I liked it soooo much.

"Hoodwinked" by Desiree is available on Amazon in Kindle ONLY,

free to read with an Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription.

You can find it by clicking on the pic of the cover above,

or just click here.

And if you or someone you know is a Black author promoting and independently-published novel, hook me up!

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