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Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Grand Rising good people! Thank you so much for being so patient with me during all of the changes that the blog has been going through. The blog is now and until further notice totally dedicated to book reviews!

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Now that the business is out of the way, let's get to it!!!

This week, I had the pleasure of reading "Confessions of a Frustrated Millennial" by Eugenia R. Jefferson.

Natasha, Jayla and Danielle are all recent college graduates that have big dreams and are expecting great things to happen. But, when things don't progress the way that they thought they would, they all begin to doubt their desires and their dreams.

Author Eugenia R. Jefferson provides valuable insight into the millennial experience through the eyes of three women of color. All three encounter frustration, competition, rejection and even romance as they navigate post-college life and face a wide-open future.

Now that we have the basics out of the way... Let's get to it!

If I am totally honest, the story starts off a little slow. I read through the first few chapters expecting this to be a happily ever after story about three best friends starting their adult lives in the big city. However, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that the female main characters didn't know each other, and would actually never meet.

And, while the stories don't overlap, they are all complete and engaging on their own. Natasha the focused, Danielle the dreamer and Jayla the lost. While I did attend college, I didn't graduate, but I totally understand how graduates leave their perspective campuses with the confidence that they will spread their wings and soar, only to find out how dangerously wrong that confidence can lead them.

Natasha is a focused and practical marketing professional that gets stuck behind an entitled loser at a firm where she not only does his work, but his disrespectful assistant's work. She finds herself covering for her boss while he cheats on his wife and is constantly disrespected by this infidel. The way that he talked to her throughout this tale burned my stomach. I just wished that she would trip him when he walked past. When the Universe starts whispering "entrepreneur" in her ear, she has to decide if she's going to keep paying dues or step out on faith.

Danielle is working as a waitress at a downtown Chicago restaurant and has dreams of becoming a well-known Broadway star. But after attending audition after audition, she starts to rethink her dreams. She knows that she has the talent for the main stage, but is having a problem remaining hopeful for getting her big chance. An old friend gave her a heads up that a reality show called "The Next Broadway Star" was holding auditions and she decided to go, hoping that it would be the big break she was longing for.

And Jayla; my favorite. She graduated from law school, passing the bar on her first chance. She just knew that her constant overachieving would land her an attorney position at a prominent law firm. But one interview turned into several and she wound up having to leave Boston to return to Chicago and move back in with her parents. She is stuck between trying to embrace her new beginnings and hating her failure.

Once I put my preconceived ideas aside, I actually became fully invested in the lives of these ladies, one of them more than other. Jayla is actually the one I identified with the most. Depression can get super real, super fast and before she knew it, she had gained twenty pounds and became a victim of a crazy cousin Bridezilla. Despite all of the other things she has going on with trying to find a job and her mom fixing her up with a single man at church, her cousin too her out to lunch and, when learning about Jayla's resent break up, actually said:

"Really? Well, he was a little too good looking for you anyway. You need to find a nice, somewhat-attractive,nerdy guy, just like you."

There was some other major shade thrown, and I really wanted Jayla to slap the crap out of her cousin. But one lesson learned in this read is definitely that everything is not what it seems.

"Confessions of a Frustrated Millennial" was a refreshing story. While it started off a bit sluggish, it was definitely a story for those who may doubt their journey. Times can seem hard and progress may seem slow, but every dream can be reached. It might change a little, but it never leaves. Life is a series of unexpected events, one after another. But there is a lesson in even the most evil of cousins.

Thank you so much Eugenia R. Jefferson for telling is this story. I would especially recommend it for those reaching the end of their college experience. It puts things into perspective.

You can find this book on Amazon by clicking here or on the pic above. And follow the author in IG @frustratedmillennialbook.

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