#FloatingFiction Book Review: FanFiction Edition

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"Unapologetically Me"

by Danesha Little


"For as far back as she can remember, Fatima Ward has been told that she would be a doctor. She has never challenged that path and secretly fulfills her love of telling stories online. While working on a fanfiction story using real-life rapper Jericho, she finds comfort in a new reader as her personal life implodes around her. Jericho was born Jaren Young in Brooklyn, New York. Basketball was his first love, but an incident in college ripped that dream from him. He turns to his gift of writing poetry and becomes one of Hip Hop’s top emcees after just one album. While in the midst of working on his second album, he is introduced to an online story based on his life. After reaching out to the author to learn about her inspiration, the two anonymously connect on a level neither of them expected.

This is the first book in the 'Unapologetically Me' series."

First Impression:

So I'm not that old, but I must have narrowly missed the birth of fanfiction. I had no idea that people wrote tales about celebrities. That could have been extremely useful to my vivid imagination when I was falling asleep to the Jodeci and Boyz II Men posters on my bedroom wall...


Fatima is about to graduation from college and move on to medical school. She and her family have looked forward to pursuing the distinguished career as a pediatrician, and she has almost reached her goal, which is extremely admirable, because I barely finished undergrad.

But this isn't about me.


What Fatima's family and friends don't know, is that she harbors a secret talent and love for writing. She has been flexing her skills on a website called WriteNow, where she is very popular and has a large following. Her most recent story is Jericho's Heart, which just so happens to be about a sexily famous rapper, Jericho.


This is where we meet Jaren Young, stage name "Jericho". He his just ending a relationship with an up-and-coming actress and is working on new projects. Then, his assistant sends him the link to Fatima's story that just so happened to be about him. He's immediately intrigued and devours the book, not hesitating to send Fatima messages about her story.

Since he was an expert on the subject.

Over time, they began dialoguing and messaged each other often, becoming online friends. After a while, Jericho comes out with a new album that just so happens to have the same name as the screenname that he used on WriteNow. Fatima learns exactly who her new pen-pal is and tries to back away, but he has already become intrigued with her. They exchange numbers and begin to talk and FaceTime, eventually meeting and getting even closer.


Jericho decides that there is no one else for him; Fatima is his love. But Fatima has reservations about publicly dating someone as famous as Jericho. She does not want their relationship to be visible to the bloggers for scrutiny, especially since she still had aspirations of becoming a doctor. So their relationship get super complicated really fast, and Fatima really doesn't know if Jaren Young is worth the drama that comes along with Jericho.

Final Thoughts?:

I really, really love when a story is even better than you think it's going to be. I actually read another title in this series a few years ago but actually didn't know that it was a series.

But I really enjoyed this book!

I liked how there was so much going on without it being overwhelming. Sometimes authors have this vision in their minds and it comes across complicated. But this story was crystal clear. I loved how the characters develop and change, growing apart to grow together.

I did read the second installment, "A Silenced Gift" and, even thought I'm not writing a review on it, you are definitely going to want to indulge in the continuation of this story. Talk about emotional. My Lord... but anyway, I can't wait to finish all of Miss Little's titles.

Thank you, Danesha Little for sharing your #BlackGirlMagic with me. I truly enjoyed your stories and I look forward to reading your new stories as you release them.

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