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Updated: Mar 23

Grand Rising Bookworms!

My children are out of school, everything is closed and I definitely have time right now. I've been reading my eyes out and will continue for at least the next few weeks! So please come follow me on IG @theedamnitsam and be on the lookout for more reviews than usual over the next few weeks.

Anyway, I am back with another book review! This one is a stand alone novel (my favorite). This week's read is "Black Pharoah: Rise to Power" by Emmanuel Kulu Jr.

Favorite Quote:

"Remember my words for the rest of your life:

beyond the fear, beyond the pain, see the goal."

From the Back Cover:

"This written Masterpiece brings light to the accurate imagery of African kings never seen before by the western world. The ancient Egyptians before the coming of Greeks and later Romans were, African people. The novel is a powerful mythological story based on the Historical life of the expansionist Warrior "King Thutmose III", who is also called the "Napoleon of Egypt". A prophecy is given to the sorcerer by way of dream, about a coming birth of a child that would become a mighty conqueror of nations. But his birth, would be darkened with betrayal, Deceit and eminent death to the Royal throne. A book destined to leave a legacy.."

First Impressions:

I have always been extremely interested in mythology, but always noticed that Egyptian Gods and Goddesses were usually left out of the conversation. More recently in my life, I have been reading up on Kemeticism and the Egyptian culture and understand now why it's been left out:

It's history; not fiction. This is novel might be based on the historical significance of Kemetic Royalty and I really appreciated a story that is based on a grossly underrepresented subject. Especially in the Black community. I was excited to start reading.

Who? Pharoah Thutmose the Second was one of the great Pharoah's of Egypt. He might not be as well-known as his wife, Hatshepsut, who is one of Egypt's most recognized Queens. While she had been pregnant several times and gave birth to a daughter, she was never successful in giving the Pharaoh his most desired heir.


Hekaton was a great sorcerer and prophet to the great God Amun-Ra, and was also one of Thutmose the Second's most trusted advisers. He had a vision of a new ruler that would come and serve the people of Kemet and would be greater than any leader they had yet to see. When he made this grand annoucement to the Pharoah and his people, the Royal Wife was pregnant and looked forward to finally giving her husband what he so greatly desired.

When? When the queen went into labor, everyone was excited to welcome the soon-to-be ruler of Great Kemet, but the baby was stillborn. The queen was devastated and Thutmose was enraged, blaming Hekauton for the loss of yet another son and casting him out of the city.


But what the Royal Wife and the prophet didn't know was that the Pharoah was in love with another woman, Iset. He loved her even more than he loved the queen and went to lie with her to ease his troubled mind.


Hatshepsut found out about it and was so devastated once again when Thutmose decided to make Iset his Second Wife that she finessed a plan to not only make her husband pay for his disrespectful act, but rid herself of Iset as well.

Final Thoughts? I can't say too much more without giving the story away, but this book was amazing. I was enthralled with not only the great story telling, but also with the descriptions of the people, places and things. I loved that fact that there was so much fact mixed in with the fiction and there were quite a few surprises that I definitely did not expect.

It was interesting to read about a time when everyone had the same belief system; when faith in the Gods and ancient rituals weren't doubted, but embraced with the whole hearts of it's people.

All I could think of while reading was, "Just when you think things couldn't get any worse, they got worse." But this story was definitely a testament to hard times end in great rewards. This story was captivating and held my attention from beginning to end. I definitely recommend it, especially if you are a fan of historical fiction. This is definitely a read for you.

Our people are more than athletes, rappers and IG models. We are Queens and Kings, who established military systems, educational processes and

"Black Pharoah: Rise to Power" is available on Amazon in Kindle Edition only. And its free to read if you have an Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription, or click here to get a copy for yourself.

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