#FloatingFiction Book Review: No Money No Thank You Edition...

Grand Rising, book worms!

I'm still seeing seasons everywhere. Maybe it's a sign I need to be paying attention to.


This week's read is a MUST READ. At least it was for me.


"No Money, No Thank You!" is not your average financial guide that provides suggestions on how to gain financial success. It does not tell you how to budget or save money. Instead, you will be introduced to a refreshing perspective on financial seasons and financial love languages. This book will have you evaluating your monetary values all while taking everyday scenarios to discover how money plays a bigger part in our friendships and relationships that we care to admit."

Favorite Quote:

"Nothing's permanent and nothing's promised. But at the same time, nothing's impossible. Make yo' shit happen."

First Impression:

Damn It, Sam hates talking about money.

I mean HATE.

I don't mind donating and supporting and sewing my good seeds, but I do not like talking about the managing of it. Call it PTSD from several money conversations during my marriage that took a turn for the worst. But, my healing stops for no nappy-headed son, so I endeavor to persevere.


This review is a little different than the book reviews of the past because it is a non-fiction selection. This is more of a "how-to" guide when it comes to your relationship money and how it affects your relationships with yourself and the other people in your life.


Basically, I find the concept to be fascinating. We see the subject of seasons being applied to several other things:




This particular lesson comes courtesy of the Universe and the 4 seasons we have heard about almost constantly since first learning about them on preschool.


The author writes about the Seasons of financial experience from a personal perspective. This makes it easier to see the different changes in her financial state so that you can later apply it to your own life.


She also uses the examples of weather and seasons to show you how finances can affect your relationships with others. Not just your cousin that is always asking to "borrow" money but you never get it back, but also those that have been relying on the help that you have given. And sometimes they help that you are unable to give because your seasons might change.

Final Thoughts?:

For someone that is a full-grown adult and still having problems talking about money, I found this book to be a very good resource. It has helped change the way I view money and the relationships that it is sometimes based on. Marriage and exclusive relationships that are moving toward possible cohabitation as well. Money is not something to fear or love; it is, however, a necessary resource that we all need to survive. "No Money No Thank You" is the perfect read to begin the structure of financial responsibility.

I told the author more than once, "I love it!"

Because it is so true; I do. Not because it taught me anything new. But because it took an old lesson and reinvented it. It is a quick read but the author gives you exactly what you need to jump start a sound, financial future. If it were a novel I would call it "floatworthy. This isn't a story but it definitely worth making the investment into your future.

"No Money, No Thank You: How Your Financial Season Affects Your Relationships" is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle,

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