#FloatingFiction Book Review... Sanctified Edition

Grand Rising Bookworms!

I am back again with another new release!

This one is a novella. And I know that I don't really care for them but... Whatever.

It's a woman's perogative to change her mind whenever she sees fit.

So there.

Anyway, this week's read is "It Happened at Midnight" by Anita M. Dixon.

Favorite Quote: "Why do the people who are supposed to love me only tear me apart?"

From the Back Cover: Maintaining a relationship in the church can be challenging alone. When the relationship ends it can get messy! The larger the platform the messier it can get. Evangelist Torielle Jackson is an uncompromising powerhouse! She honestly believes she’s healed from the trauma she suffered at the hands of her abusive mother. I mean God is using her mightily so that means she’s healed, right? Wrong! She found out how wrong when her boyfriend Prophet Efrem Miller humiliates her by breaking up with her in front of her closest friends. This act triggers her childhood trauma and forces Tori to get out of character. She starts to act up in them sanctified church streets. Prophet Efrem Miller will do whatever it takes to keep the money rolling in. He starts to bump heads with Tori when she confronts him about recent compromises. She soon becomes expendable to him as his greed consumes him. He’s haunted by his former life of eating out of the trash just to survive. He refuses to go back to that life for anyone. Even God. Come on a journey with them and witness how love, rebellion, and life has a way of changing you in unimaginable ways. Will they recognize themselves on the other side of pain?"

First Impressions: Leaving church was a good move for me.

I know that's a strange way to start a book review but, the best stories ever written are the one's that you can see yourself in.

This story threw me all the way back into my time as armor-bearer for my some of the most amazing leaders that anyone will ever have the pleasure of sitting under.

But church??? Hunni. It's is a whole different ball game and most people ARE NOT ready.


Torielle Jackson is a female minister and that alone is no easy feat. She is focused on pleasing the God that she serves and her heart is dedicated to His people's deliverance.

She has overcome quite a few demons of her own, and understands how hard it is to remain faithful to her calling, even through her personal relationship.

What? Her boyfriend, Efrem Miller (*Insert eye roll here*) has been giving her the blues lately. His attitude has changed and he is doing some things that Torielle just can't participate in. He started off his ministry with the same goals as his girlfriend, but money has captured his attention more than morals. He wants to make it big and pad his pockets and Torielle is bringing him down. Distracting him with facts and faith and such...


Torielle decided to have a New Year celebration with her closest family and friends. The party was a couple of days early because of the extremely busy schedule that she had during the holidays. Everyone was enjoying each other's company when they started keeping the tradition of declaring one thing that they wanted to do more of in the upcoming year.

Why? This is when Efrem's no good behind decided that he was going to take this time to break up with her. Very heartlessly, might I add. And because the couple had written a book together and schedules several appearances to market it, Torielle found herself on the stage of a Christian television show sitting next to him. And before she knew it, she was blurting out the details of their breakup in front of the live, studio audience.

How? Torielle's ministry suffers a great hit to her reputation because of the incident and she finds herself falling back into the depression that she has worked so hard to get out of. People are cancelling appearances left and right because Efrem is talking bad about her while he continues the book tour. She decides that she has to go and fix some things in her past in order to continue the future in ministry that God has given her.

Final Thoughts?

This story was like a trip in a sanctified Delorean. I never realize how different the day- to-day language of the Black church is. I could hear the conversation as I read it and it was spot on. I could almost see the altar call shouting and offering plate passing in my head while I was reading.

This is a story that proves if you stay faithful to your calling, no matter what anyone else says or does, you will always come out of the fire as pure gold.

Sorry. the church references are burned into my brain.

Like I told you before, I'm not usually big on novellas and short stories, but this was a nice quick read. I think it would be perfect for you if you are a fan of Christian Fiction, such as Victoria Christopher Murray and Lashonda Tate Billingsley. This was a great quick read.

"It Happened At Midnight (Love & Redemption Series Book 1)" is available on Amazon in Kindle Edition only. And its free to read if you have an Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription, or click here to get a copy for yourself.

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