#FloatingFiction Book Review: Seasons of Fidelity Edition

Grand Rising, book worms!

Seasons seems to be the name of the game for me these days. Or, maybe it always was and I just never realized until recently.


This week's read is different because it's actually THREE books.

"Seasons of Fidelity: Season One, Season Two and End Game"

by Takerra Allen.

Retailer Summary of Season One:

"No one belongs to anyone.

We claim rights second; belonging to God first.

We are born and die as individuals, and we live as such, while keeping the feelings of those we love in mind.

Often, we keep them in mind…even more than our own.

Old love. New lust. Treasured friendships. Temptation. Escapes from dulled reality. Inevitable destruction.

An anticipated reunion brings six preoccupied souls together and stirs the pot brewing with it all.

Ray, Dice, and Justice have come to age, forming an impermeable bond that has stood the storms of time and hardship.

When the trio unites after substantial time has passed, they find all rough waters aren’t left behind for the brotherhood.

Regina’s life turned out better than what was foreseen for a teenaged, single-mother.

Yet when her past is forced into her present, so are the steamy and sentimental memories.

Aleeya’s chasing dreams and thrills, and there isn’t much that can seize the free-spirit;

besides an older, already-claimed man who invites her into his dark, enchanting world.

And there’s Yael - the broken masterpiece - held together by the glue of financial stability, family structure and the American dream.

But when she meets someone who sees her well enough to spot the cracks, will she allow herself to be marveled at his mercy?

Fall into a world of tests on the morals of love and commitment.

What makes a person dishonest? Who governs the limits of loyalty?

Are we faithful or unfaithful people or do we have faithful and unfaithful moments?

Are there exceptions to the rules; cycles in a relationship that allow for forgivable circumstances?

Are there Seasons of Fidelity?

Disclaimer: This is Season One of a series. Part one ends with suspense and anticipation.

Favorite Quote:

"Nothing's permanent and nothing's promised. But at the same time, nothing's impossible. Make yo' shit happen."

First Impression:

First of all, while I tend not to read the summaries of books, I do read Amazon reviews so the last paragraph is a first time reading for all of us together. I saw the cover of this book somewhere and decided to look into it. the reviews were cool and I liked that it was a series. I love super long reads. Where I can feel like I made the story a part of my story.


The intensity of the first few pages really had me excited about this one. Not so much the car sex, but the fact that the main character has recently been released from prison. Prison doesn't fascinate me but people that are there for an extended period of time and have to figure out how to assimilate back into the free world?

Fascinating. To me at least.

And I do what to caution you early.

Since this is a review of a three part series, let me let you know that there is a very emotional situation that appeared out of the blue at the end of Season One. That is one of the reasons that it took me so long to finish these books and review.

It kind of knocked me down and I didn't know if I wanted to get back up.

I don't want to ruin too much, but somebody passes away unexpectedly and... Sometimes you're just not ready to be re-immersed into certain situations. But even with that, it's worth the read.


Ray "Ruga" Corey has recently been released from prison after serving a fifteen year sentence in prison. the story doesn't really say exactly what transpired; only that heRay didn't snitch. And it really doesn't have to. Some parts of the past are definitely relevant and you'll see that by what's told, but not so much the incarceration.


His family decides to throw him a "release party" and his girlfriend Charizma almost has to drag him there. Present at the festivities were He and Riz of course, his mother Janice. Also his two best friends Justice and Dice, his son Ray Jr (RJ), his baby mama Regina and her husband Harrison, and her younger sister Aleeya. Other friends and friends of friends are present at the party, like Regina's friend Yael, who has some secrets of her own.


Ray is not only trying to figure out how to live his own life again, he is also able to spend more time with the son that he watched from up from a visitor's table in the prison. He and RJ seem equally relieved and overjoyed that he is out of prison and can start to develop a real relationship. Which also means that he is spending more time around his son's mother, Regina, who might have stopped loving Ray, but he definitely had no intentions of ever stopping his love for her. Which of course causes a problem with Charizma and Harrison.

And that wasn't the only problem.

Dice, professional boxing manager and over all finesser of life has a whole family and plenty of things to do, but when he sets his sights on Regina's much younger little sister Aleeya, they both quickly become addicted to each other. This causes issues for Dice's long-time girlfriend Mimi, who has been raising her kids, his kids and holding him down since forever. But one thing she will not be is disrespected. Especially not by a girl almost half her age.

And Justice spots Regina's friend Yael and is instantly attracted. But Yael has some major life situations going on and, while she's feeling Justice too, making a move is complicated for her.


After the festivities, all involved try to go back to their lives and keep moving, but that one party set a lot of actions and emotions in motion that are not going to be easy to overcome. Ray goes back to running the laundromats that his mom and Riz helped him acquire to stack money while he was away. Regina and Harrison go home and try to act like Ray and Regina weren't exchanging vibes all through the party.

But eventually, everybody stops trying.

Like I said at the beginning, a tragic event happened that rearranged everybody's outlooks on life and I totally understood every issue as I am going through a few of them myself. All I kept thinking while I was reading is something someone said to me last year:

"Everything eventually has to be broken apart so it can be put back together or thrown away and started over."

Final Thoughts?:

I decided to skip the Why and How portions of our program because I really, REALLY want you to read these books. I mean, they are so floatworthy, I had to ration them out to myself so I wouldn't totally neglect my other responsibilities and get totally lost in the story.

And yes, it was that good, but also because I related to it. I very rarely find books that I can relate to every character and every situation but this is one of them. Tragic events aside, there is honestly a character in this book that everyone can relate to. I know that I related to several, in more ways than one. But it's interesting to see your life in front of you, and that's what this book was for me.

And I think it will be that for you too.

Thank you so much, Miss Allen. I honestly feel like you wrote this series for me. No BS.

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