#FloatingFiction Book Review: The Black Effect Edition

Grand Rising, book worms! I hope that this day find you healthy, on your way to being wealthy and happy.

And if it doesn't, I pray that one day soon, it will.

Now, this week's read is different because it's actually TWO books.

"The Black Effect 1 & 2" by Charae Lewis.

From the Back Cover:

"If two wrongs don’t make a right, try three.

Nadir wanted Amai…

Amai secretly wanted him...

Nadir came with a lifestyle that she questioned if she could handle. Amai resisted, until her current situation could no longer be tolerated. Nadir wanted her to accept him and take a chance. So, she did, and then boom... life happened."

And From the Back Cover of Book 2:

"The Black household is in shambles and the blame can be placed on everyone. Nadir and Amai are sworn enemies now that he has caught her in a compromising position. They both declare war and are willing to give up on what was once a captivating union. Things become even more complicated once bonds are severed and new people enter the picture. Amai is aggrieved and Nadir is incensed. Put those two together and you’ll get a beautiful catastrophe."

First Impression:


If I'm perfectly honest, which I try to remain at all times, I deleted the first book a few pages in. It's not because it was bad, it's just that the subject matter made me extremely uncomfortable. My youth was covered by the Blood of Jesus, memory verses and church almost every night of the week. While I am now good and grown now, some things cause me to flashback sometimes. This was one of those times. BUT, I also pride myself on evolving and becoming increasingly open minded to new things, so I downloaded it again.

And I'm so glad I did.


Amai is a young woman who is just trying to find her way. She lives with her super religious parents and just wants something... different. She is working as a consultant at a makeup store but longs to be a professional MUA. One day, a woman walks in, Raye, and compliments her makeup, inviting her to her home to do her makeup for a party that evening.


When she gets to the woman's house, Amai is astounded at the beautiful estate. She meets Raye's husband, Nadir, who is super handsome and super intense, but she also meets another woman. Jaide. Come to find out, buth Raye and Jaide are married to Nadir. At the same time. And when Nadir sees Amai, he decides that she is the third wife he's been longing for.

Yup. You read that right.


Amai does what she was hired to you and leaves, trying to forget all about this fine man and his weird marital decisions. A few days later, Nadir pops up at her job and invites her to dinner. Of course she goes into it with an attitude because she has prejudged him based on the little of his life that she saw, coupled with her religious upbringing. But he finesses her into listening to him. He has wealth, he's attractive and he's smooth and Amai falls right under his spell. She soon decides that she wants to become Mrs. Black #3.

And her parents lose their minds! Even though Amai is in her twenties and more than grown, they flip out and reject her, promising the fiery pits of hell will be her home if she married Nadir. But her decision was made and she married Nadir, moving in and becoming a member of the Black family.


Everything is fine for the first year or so but then Raye got pregnant, then Jaide and Amai became increasingly uncomfortable with the fact that she couldn't conceive. Add that to the fact that she missed her parents because they literally erased her from their lives, and her brother got deployed, so she kept getting more and more unhappy. When she told the other wives how she felt, Raye was sympathetic but Jaide started acting funny and made trouble between Nadir and Amai. Eventually, Amai decided that she didn't want to be a part of the marriage anymore and left.

Book #2 is what happens once she moves out. She finds her own identity, progresses the business that her now ex-husband Nadir helped her start. She even meets a man, Canton and while she is still getting over her marriage, she decides to take it slow with Canton.


Come to find out, Canton is the man that Jaide left for Nadir. He knew who Amai was before they got close but he never mentioned his knowledge of her previous lifestyle. He genuinely did really like Amai and wanted to be with her. He was willing to wait for her to find herself.


Amai wound up getting attacked, robbed and severely injured. When Nadir found out about it, he insisted that she come back to his estate and stay with them until he found the parties responsible and she was well enough to take care of herself. She reluctantly agreed because she has no other choice, but this presents a problem for Jaide. She hates Amai, especially after finding out that she had been seeing Canton. Another person who hates Amai is Nadir's mother and she and Jaide conspire to eliminate Amai from their lives altogether.

Final Thoughts?:

I have several reasons for reading and reviewing these books together but the most prominent one is that I enjoyed the second better than the first. While the first book gave a lot of back story and history, it seemed to just be a set up for the actual interesting events that took place in book 2. Book 1 was the definition of "prequel".

And I'm not saying that it wasn't interesting because it was. But it was in more of an educational aspect. The author to tell us what initially occurred so we could understand why things progressed the way that they did. And because you wouldn't understand book 2 without first reading book 1, it was necessary.

But book 2 was so much better.

I really did enjoy this story. I wanted to fight Jaide and Nadir's mother on several occasions and I'm sure that you will agree. Nadir struck me as a typical male, arrogant and sometimey but... if I were him, wouldn't I be? He was rich, powerful, connected and had three wives. THREE. Each of them attractive and open to participating in the type of relationship that most people would never even consider. And while Amai was the main character, He learned a lot of lessons as well.

I would definitely recommend The Black Effect Books 1 and 2. If you are anything like me, you will most certainly find reasons to float right through these pages. I was put off by the subject of polygamy as well, and while I'm not open to it, I can understand why it works for some people. Everyone had choices and yours might not be mine. But as long as your choices work for you and you're happy, that's all that matters.

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