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Updated: Apr 11

Grand Rising Bookworms!

Me and my broke little best friends are still quarantining so I have still been reading my big girl hips off. Please make sure that you're following me on IG @theedamnitsam and be on the lookout for more reviews than usual over the next few weeks. As well as my general, everyday foolishness.

So! About this book review, though! This one is a stand alone novel (my favorite). This week's read is "Twisted Intentions" by one of my favorites, BM Hardin.

Favorite Quote:

"To this very day, I pretend to be okay. I pretend to be normal for the people that love me.

But I'm not."

From the Back Cover:

"We all want something. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get it?

Ms. Merci Miller is.

And after surviving her worst nightmare, finally, there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

She sees something she isn't supposed to see; a crime. But she finds a way to use pain to her advantage this time.

Her intentions are pure. And just a little bit twisted. And for a while, things are just as sweet as forehead kisses.

And then, suddenly, Merci is reminded of her past, and forced to face her biggest fear.

"He's back, Merci. Your worst nightmare is here."

But the man who hurt her is supposed to be dead.

Or is it all in Merci's head?"

First Impressions:

Jaw dropping moments from the very first sentence. I love how this author leads with the crazy. It everything. I love the main character's name, by the way. I kept saying it in a French accent. LOL.


Merci Miller has been through a lot.

One night, while she was out for a late night run, she was kidnapped and held against her will, repeatedly raped and abused by a man she didn't even know. Once she escaped and recovered (as much as anyone can recover from something so traumatic, she decided to go back to her work as an architect and try to resume as much normalcy as she could muster.


Not only was she kidnapped and abused, but her mom died from cancer and her relationship with her boyfriend ended. She was handling it like a champ though, even though she kept returning to the scene of the crimes done against her. For some reason, she repeatedly went to the shack where she was held captive. Not to remember or reminisce but... Just because. She felt drawn there.

She has a hard time processing emotions and expressing them, so she appears to be cold-hearted and detached, which I honestly understand. Once you go through so things that cause so much pain, it is difficult to let yourself feel things. You've gotten used to covering things up to make the people that you love comfortable when they're around.

Believe me. I know.


Anyway, one night while she was out visiting the cabin, she witnessed a car hit a man. But, not only did the driver hit the pedestrian, he saw that the man was hurt and left him on the side of the rode to die. Merci couldn't see the man's who was driving's face, but she heard his voice when he was checking the body of the person he hit. Once the man was gone it was dark but, she also checked the body. He was alive but not for long and Merci, indifferent though she is, saw no reason to get involved whatsoever.

So she left too.


Come to find out, the guy that was hit on the side of that highway was someone that Merci knew. He was found the next day and had to be put on life support because of his injuries. While that was happening, she was out to lunch one afternoon and heard the voice. From the driver on the side of the highway that night. She turned around to see recent box office star Titus Graham, in all of his fine, Black Man glory. She did some research on him and found herself to be attracted to him. That was something that hadn't happened since before her abduction. And found out that he lived in one of the area's that her architectural firms designed for, so she finessed her way into being involved with one the their new projects.

Before you know it, she has found his house and told him what she knew. At first Titus was terrified, which he should have been. But when Merci told him what she wanted in exchange for her silence, the anger and fear transformed in to intrigue and curiosity. So after much debate, he agreed to her terms and they formed a kind of friendship which included her lying to the police about Titus' alibi.


The story begins to get even more complicated. It really makes you take a second look at the Six Degrees of Separation and I don't mean thinking about Will Smith. I mean, you never know who you might know or, maybe more importantly, who knows you. Affairs are exposed, lives are lost and all secrets are revealed in the most unique and organic way. I was super impressed with the mystery and thriller vibe I was feeling. Very Criminal Minds-esque.

Final Thoughts?

My review was very vague, but that was on purpose. I really want you to read this yourself.

BM Hardin wrote a great story and it was an amazing read. There is a definite and sensitive story line to follow, so you definitely to have to pay attention. But instead of the complexities being a distraction (like I have previously experienced in some thrillers), it was all woven together seamlessly. There were no loose ends, every relationship was explained and every question was answered. I was super happy with the ending. So many novels are series now and the ending leaves me waiting for a year or longer to find out what happened.

I recommend it, Floating or not, lol.

"Twisted Intentions" is available on Amazon in Kindle Edition only.

And its free to read if you have an Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription,

or click here to get a copy for yourself.

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