#FloatingFiction Review: Afrodisiac Edition

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From the Back Cover

Eventually, they all fall. Like Dominoes.

Morgan Jenkins is a thirty-something, successful owner of the Philadelphia bookstore, Afrodisiac. She's big on two things: personal success and great sex. For her, winning is easy, and making men give in to her is her favorite game to play. She’s not one to settle into a relationship or deal with one man for too long, and her sex life is booming. Her love life is as dead as the plants in her backyard that she keeps forgetting to water, and that’s okay with Morgan. She wants to live her life without the complications that love and romance can bring - until she meets her new gardener, Gillespie Rodriguez. Used to having her way with any man, she’s curious when he turns down her advances for a sultry, unforgettable one-night stand. Morgan vows to make him surrender, just like the others, but she doesn’t know that Gillespie can play games too. His plans will unravel the thread on everything she thinks she knows about love, sex, and romance.

Favorite Quote:

"...Somehow, my partners always found a way to make my lack of romantic interest in them about another, completely non-existent man. The male ego is a delicate beast."

First Impression:

Morgan is exactly who I want to be when I grow up. She's confident, successful, independent and (most importantly to me) she loves herself unconditionally. She knows what she wants and she doesn't doubt that she will get it. I love it.


Morgan Jenkins is a young, Black woman that is confident that she has life figured out. She is the owner of her own business, Afrodisiac, a Mecca of Black culture and literature in the middle of her city.


One morning on her way to work, she decided to stop at a nearby coffee shop and meets Gillespie Rodriguez, a new man in town. He is immediately drawn to her as she was to him, and she decided that she was in the market for what he has: an up-and-coming landscaping business. They exchange information and set up a time for him to come to her home and revive the dying plant life in her backyard.


Morgan and Gillespie begin their interaction, and he wastes no time in letting her know that he finds her attractive and wants to get to know her better. They go on a date and Morgan makes her intentions know but Gillespie stops her in her tracks. She isn't used to not conquering her mountain in the first climb, and this makes him even more intriguing to her.


Gillespie informs Morgan that he is not interested in pursuing a strictly sexual relationship, when that is all she has ever been in the mood for. She has her life set up exactly the way she wants it, but she also wants Gillespie. But he comes with some baggage of his own. So the question is, who will get what they want most? Morgan or Gillespie?

Final Thoughts?

This story was awesome! I honestly wasn't expecting to have my life read while reading, but aren't some of the most rewarding lessons the unexpected ones? Morgan is independent, almost to a fault. And the author's introduction of her background and history create a roadmap of exactly when, where and how Morgan's outlook on life was developed. Both of these characters have shown me just how much a person's parents and upbringing actually affect their lives as an adult. the story made me think about my own childhood and development and connect some dots of my own, and I loved that.

I also read the sequel, Afrodisiac 2, and I highly recommend it as a follow-up. The story and characters blend together seamlessly, and you will absolutely want to see how this story ends.

Thank you, Tia Love, for sharing the work of your heart with me. I really, really did enjoy the story :)

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