#FloatingFiction Review: Oops! Edition

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Because... both the trials and the tribulations of COVID-19 have been trying to overtake me but nobody puts baby in a corner! So without all of the extra hoopla and shenanigans, here we go!!!

From the Back Cover:

“As if sleeping with the enemy wasn’t disastrous enough…”

For Camryn Cox, living a private, purpose-driven, drama-free life is a top priority. And in her opinion, Maverick Woods represents everything opposite of that.

He’s social media-famous, ultra fine, and completely irresponsible, making him something like the enemy as far as Camryn is concerned. But everything changes when a surprise moment of passion between the two of them results in a positive pregnancy test.


Favorite Quote:

"That's a compliment? Cause I'm pretty sure you'd smash a pepperoni Hot Pocket if it was microwaved just right."

First Impression:

I love that Cam is so focused on her career. Far too often, women are portrayed as being hyper-focused on men, whether it be finding one or needing one. Camryn was unbothered by Mav and I am all about that part.


Camryn C. Cox was busying herself as the Director of Development and Fundraising for the foundation of one of the "most recognizable faces in Black cinema", Meredith Woods. A few days before one of their largest fundraisers of the year, the main attraction, Lillian Banks, drops out of the event in order to begin the process of rehab and recovery. Lillian just so happen to be dating one Maverick Woods, social media influencer and son to the founder of the charity.


Maverick, or Mav as he is affectionately known, comes through for Cam and secures another headliner for the event and a mildly friendly wager comes into play between the two. While Cam is generally irritated by his existence, Mav is quite taken with his mother's employee. the fundraiser goes off without a hitch.


Cam and Mav meet at the office after the fundraiser to settle the bet. Between the champagne and the success of the event, emotions are high and it becomes a "one thing led to another"-style situation.


After a few weeks, we finally arrive at the "oops" of it all.

And it's definitely not food poisoning...

Final Thoughts?:

"Oops" by Alexandra Warren was a supercute story. I usually don't like using the word "cute" because it feels condescending as a writer but this was literally so cute. the fact that Mav fell for Cam before he got with her and kept that same energy after the fact was amazing. Cam had some social media-related trust issues, but I feel like that was a very accurate issue, especially in this day and age. There are those of us that feel like we know people because of the things that they choose to share with their followers. I could totally see that being a problem, especially when love is on the table.


I'm currently reading this title's spin-off novella, Whoa! I might post a follow-up review for that as well...

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