#FloatingFictionFridays... The Truth or Nothing Edition...

All of Me: Wild Thoughts Baecation Series, Book One by Honesty Price

Favorite Quote(s):

"When you lie, ain't no telling when shit gon' hit the fan and maybe hit you."

"I'm who I need to be for the people in my life.

It's just that the changes I make for the people I love or for those who depend on me are more drastic than most."

First thoughts:

Man, if y'all don't read this damn book!!!

Grand Rising beautiful people! I'm so glad that you've decided to visit me on this Fabulous Friday because I could not have picked a better selection for the grand relaunching of #FloatingFictionFridays.

First of all, Honesty Price is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. I was blessed enough to preview read her first book, Back to Us, earlier this year and I loved that story as well. But this one???

My Lord.

Let me tell you a little bit about it first before I start spouting off my opinions. I definitely do want to cloud your judgment in favor of reading it, but I like facts first. Tea later.

All of Me tells the story of Begonia Ivy Jefferson who is currently going through a bit of an identity crisis. She's been Gogo, the celebrity-of-sorts behind a conference called "BBCon", or "Bad Bitch Con", which is a place for women to live their lives and be their true selves and dating rapper QK. She's Begonia, the Southern Belle-daughter of Beauregard and Dhalia Jefferson (of the Washington DC Jeffersons). And then there's Ivy, the coding, tech-genius mastermind behind the dating app Anytime Anybae.

When her fake-bad boy boyfriend is convicted of a drug charge and breaks up with her, she is not only relieved; she's liberated! But being without her boyfriend also means that she is without a sufficient escort to her sister's wedding festivities in Hawaii. Her best friend Ahlecia decides that the app of her very own creating is the perfect place to meet a guy that is good enough to parade around her family for a few days.

Here enters Gregory Hill, owner and operator of his very own physical trainer to the stars business. His family is also planning on spending some time in Hawaii, and his sister insists that he has a date as well, since everyone else attending will be coupled up. She gave him the choice of either calling a girl that he ghosted a few months ago or going on the app and finding a suitable replacement. Since he and Ivy will be in the same place at the same time, they strike up a conversation and seem to hit it off. Perfect, right???

But you already know that things can't always be as perfect as they appear to be.

The story that unfolds is hilarious, entertaining and just... amazing. This is truly the type of story that I want to read when I read a book. Heck, it's just the type of story that I want to write as an author! Honesty Price is a genius. When I tell you I laughed? I don't mean the type of LOL you text when your friend who sends you a funny meme but you barely even crack a smile.

I mean I laughed. Out loud for real.

The 12 piece classical ensemble playing Bad and Boujee and Be AF while the country cousins took over the hotel kitchen almost took me out. And the man shouting "Goddamn!" in the strip club made me laugh so hard, I think I hurt myself.

All of Me is so modern and so refreshing that I really, REALLY didn't want it to end. I reccommend this awesome read to anyone that loves a good story.

Honesty Price... Sis!

You know I honor your gift. Thank you so much for this read.

You have no idea how much I needed to enjoy it and it didn't disappoint.

To check out All of Me by Honesty Price, click here.

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