#FreeYourMindFriday... “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” Edition...

All I wanted was a pedicure.

See? That’s how frustrated I am today. I didn’t even speak. Grand Rising, weekenders. I hope your week has been full of unadulterated awesomeness.

Meanwhile, all I wanted was a pedicure.

I woke up this morning, ripe and ready for a productive day. My children go back to school on Monday and, in true Damn It, Sam fashion, I waited until almost the last, possible minute to go back-to-school shopping. At least it’s not Sunday and I’m just starting to move. I’m already winning. That shows improvement from recent years. And as a reward for all of my successful adulting, I was gonna treat myself to a pedicure. It’s something I loved doing before My Chief passed away but, since then, my monies been a little funny and my time is even more hilarious. So they we’re gone for a bit, but surely not forgotten.

Anyway, I woke up early, got dressed, walked outside with a shopping list in my hand and a “getter dun” spirit in my heart, all ready to get everything my kids need for a successful learning experience this fall. But, lo and behold, my car wouldn’t start.


But, I didn’t get mad or start crying like I’m historically known for. I just dialed up the Starter Husband, my professional, on-call mechanic, hoping he could help.

I‘m such a fool. Shoulda known better.

When he shot me down, I still didn’t get deterred. Just called my mom and asked her to take me to the good ol’ Walmart. They always have everything, right.

Nope. I was wrong again.

The store we chose had all of the supplies but not the uniforms. My youngest daughter and middle son still needed pants, and my youngest sons shirts. So my mom let me take her home to use her car to go get the remainder of the things we need.

Finally, getting stuff done, right???

HA! Gotcha again...

Yes, I got everything my kids needed but because all of my children were with me, I couldn’t stop and get a pedicure.


But again, not to be deterred. It’s the 8th day if the 8th month. A magical day for a magical big girl. I can do whatever I put my mind to. So instead of a pedicure, I decided to just go buy a foot spa and get my DIY on. What could go wrong with that, right???

Oh... so many things...

I went to several stores looking for a foot spa. SEVERAL. 2 Walmarts, 3 Family Dollars, a Burlington, a Dollar General, a DDs Discount, a Walgreens AND a CVS Pharmacy later, no foot spa. Not one in sight. And after all the walking and running that I did, I really, REALLY needed to soak my fallen arch. My feet were hurting so bad I was almost in tears.

After all of this, I decided to abort the mission. I would just order one from Amazon and try the pedicure again Saturday after work. I would just go home and take a nap.

Then the gas light came on. Lord help...

I dare not return my mother’s car on empty. That is a conversation I had to endure a few too many times in my 20s. And, if you live in Chicago, gas prices are not polite in the city. So I decided to go back to Indiana, right down the street from the first Walmart I ventured to this morning, to fill her tank.

My youngest daughter took pity on her mom and said “I have a feeling this Walmart has a foot spa. Lets just go see. We walked in, she asked an associate and I acquired THE LAST ONE.


And now I’m sitting here, feet in my brand new foot spa, crying like a nutcase.

Yup. Real life tears. Bawling.

But Damn It, Sam! Why are you crying? You did everything you needed to do, when you needed to do it! You should be proud that you didn’t give up!

And I am. I’m soooo proud. But when I walked in my room, set up my spa and finally sat down, I heard my daughter’s voice say, “Good job, My Mom.”

Last year around this time, I was getting Stacey ready for her senior year. This year I would have a college freshman, along with my other younger children. I might still have gone through all of this drama this year, but my rider would have been by my side.

No matter what I do or where I go or what’s going on, I miss my girl. I miss her with my whole heart and soul. At first I was afraid to think about her because it hurt so much, then I was afraid not to think about her because I didn’t want to forget her. But now...

Now I’m tired.

And not just my fallen arch of my pockets from spending all of my money. My mind is tired. My sound is tired. But I did it and I’m sure I’ll have a day like this again, hopefully in the distant future. I need time to recover.

So I’m gonna finish my at-home pedicure, get my boys ready for football and float my way to the weekend. I might be tired, but my list is complete and my toes are cute.

Right now, I can’t ask for anything more. Woosahhh...

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