Glitter, Trip Slips & the Complicated Life of Annalise Keating...

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Being a mom is a stressful situation.

Not because my kids stress me out. They're amazing. Really. I don't think I could have better kids if I chose them myself. I just have quite a bit of responsibility, and sometimes they add up and become a bit.... I don't know. Overwhelming?

So I'm sitting in the middle of my bed, typing away, while I have a million other things that I probably need to be doing. I have a stack of mail to go through, a few trips slips to sign so my boys can turn them in, wine glasses to glitter, t-shirts to design, laundry to sort, carpet to vacuum, hair to straighten, not to mention dinner to cook since it's my day off.

It is my day off, in fact.

But right now, I'm talking to you while watching How to Get Away With Murder. This is my binge-watching choice for the day. Because Annalise Keating's complicated ass life puts my stress to shame.

I mean, think about it. She is an intelligent, driven Black woman with a great set of wigs , cute clothes and high-quality makeup. She's a great lawyer, a law professor and a wife. She mentors college students, takes care of her mom, has friends. She seems like she is truly out there being somebody and living her best life.

And then, all of a sudden, a closet full of shoes drop and knocks her wig clean off.

Her husband gets killed and her students start falling apart and her lesbian lover pops up and she starts drinking vodka straight and she loses her job and her side-dude's wife dies and house blows up and her mother has dementia and her rolling-stone father resurfaces.

My God...

Sure, she looks like she has it all together and, if you ask her, she'll tell you she has a plan and she knows how all the chips will fall. But really she is just a broken woman trying to be fixed for everyone else when she really needs to go lay on a therapist's floor and try to sort through the rubble of what is left of her life. Oh yeah. She did find a psychiatrist. But that went wrong too.


Annalise Keating is my distraction right now. I don't wear wigs and I'm not a lawyer, but my life has had it's fair share of explosions. I have bills to pay and lunches to make and side hustles to oversee, but right now I need to ignore my drama and get lost in her's. I need to give my brain a rest so that I can try to follow my own plan and do some problem-solving of my own.

So yeah. Being a mom is stressful but no one else can do it like I can. But right now, I'm gonna give Annalise my full attention. She needs someone to listen. She needs me to have sympathy for her, just as a woman that understands how hard life can be. I know that if she can come out of all of her drama, mine will be a piece of cake.

She deserves it...


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