Go Red!!!

So, I don't know if you realize it or not, but this past Friday was "Go Red for Women" day. It's a day that the American Heart Association asks women of all walks of life to wear red in solidarity with the thousands of women that are diagnosed and effected by heart-related illnesses every year.

It's an amazing cause.

But, me being the consistently extra woman that I am, extend the go red symbolism for the entire month of February. Especially since it's The Luv Month. Or Valentine's Day. I did tell you how much I love Valentine's Day, right?

Okay great. I'm glad you remember.

But anyway, hearts and February kind go together. Valentine's Day is a time for love and who knows more about love than us women? We love our parents, our children, our pets, our husbands and/or wives. We love out friends and our friends' kids. We love our co-workers and even strangers on the street. Women have an amazing capacity for affection and love. We give of ourselves even when we are on empty.

We give til it hurts.

I remember when I first found out that my husband was unfaithful and decided to leave me. I had never fully understood the word heartbreak until then. I could feel my chest hurting. It was a physical pain. After a while it subsided and I learned how to accept it and move on but, for a few weeks, I hurt. My entire body hurt. I threw myself into my kids and my books and my businesses and my job. But it wasn't until a couple of years ago that I realized I needed to fall in love with Sam. I needed to spend time with Sam and learn what Sam likes and doesn't like and what Sam needs and doesn't need. I wanted to get to know her so that I could fall in love.

After all, I'm gonna be with me for the rest of my life.

It might seem strange, but this was the time that I became aware of my heart health.

If that heartbreak had gone on for too long , couldn't I have actually had physical heart problems? People die from a broken heart all the time. When a couple has been married for years and one passes away, the other sometimes can't go on without them. Their heart just... Stops.

Why am I talking about this? Because sometimes Valentine's Day reminds single people that they're alone, and sometimes that solitude can turn into loneliness. And that loneliness, to heartbreak. It's happened to me and I know that it can happen to other people too. But I just want to encourage you: Being alone doesn't have to mean being lonely. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be with someone. But the person that you should fall in love with first, foremost and forever is you. Take care of your heart. Yes, with clean eating and exercise and regular doctor visits and meditation and rest and all of that. But also with showing yourself all the affection that you want someone else to give you.

We protect our credit. Protect our homes. Protect our cars. Protect our phones. We even take conceal and carry classes to protect ourselves. Protect your heart that same way. Stop giving it to people that don't deserve it. Stop going hard for people that won't roll their eyes for you. Stop giving everything you have until you're empty. That's not loving yourself.

Protect your heart like you protect your edges...


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