#IssaWholeMood Monday...

Grand Rising, good people.

Once again, thank you for coming to check out your friendly, neighborhood big girl blogger and all the foolery that can come along with me and my ranting.

I appreciate you.

I don't know what you're doing right now, but I am sitting on the side of my mother's tub, in her bathroom, drinking a can of Pepsi. And not the Diet or One variety that is accepted as a sugar-free option. Oh no, hunni.

This is a blue can type of situation.

And yes, I know I’ve sworn off pop, but this is an extenuating situation. It was either a can of Pepsi or a bottle of Crown, so this was both the safer and cheaper option. Let me explain before you decide to write off my healthy lifestyle change decisions with a wave of your judgy hand.

I've had a rough week. Well, if I'm being honest, it's more like the whole year. God has really been on my case lately. You can call it my fault since I’ve been begging for life changes for a while, even before My Chief passed away. But the changes that are hitting me are wayyy too rapid to be coincidental.

For example, I want to move. I’m grateful for my apartment, but it’s been 10 years of living here so I got the bright idea to prepare for the move I want. Kind of a, pre-manifestation process, if you will. I I’ll had not given away all of my daughter’s things, and our closets were a mess, so I made a plan to get it done. I knew what I wanted to move where, what had to go and what could stay.

But I never did anything.

This had gone on for a couple of weeks and I guess the Universe got tired of my procrastination so it helped me along. My building’s Management company decided to replace all of the floors in our apartment, so I had to pack up everything I wanted, throw away the things I didn’t, and put everything in storage... in less than 24 hours.

My Lord...

My boy best friend happened to be present to help us move furniture, thank God. I bought garbage bags, and my kids and I threw away stuff that has been in the closet for a whole decade. We also packed up My Chief’s clothes and have them away, which is a task that I’d been regretting because I didn’t want to overload myself with emotions.

But since I had to move everything so quickly, I didn’t have time for tears.

So now, 2 days after moving my life from the back of my apartment to the front of my apartment and back to the back of my apartment, I’m exhausted and overwhelmed. My kids are outside playing and I’m in my mom’s bathroom, chugging a can of warm Pepsi and talking to you, trying to stay out of my feelings.

Why, you might ask? Because I don’t have time for feelings.

When you make plans, the Universe is obligated to respond. I put it out there that I wanted to get ready to move. I even made a plan. And the Universe said, “Okay girl! You ready or nah? Let’s do this!!!”

So I'm overwhelmed. I’m tired. I’m sore. I’m sleep-deprived. But I’m also gonna finish this Pepsi, drink a few bottles of water, and get back on my grind. I'm happy that God heard me. Because if He’s working out for me to purge and reorganize, that means He’s also working out where I’m moving and how I'm gonna get there. So I don’t have no worries. It’s the Law of Attraction working in my favor, and I ain’t mad about it at all.

And that’s a whole mood...

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