#IssaWholeMood Monday... Halloween Edition...

Grand Rising, good people!

#FatGirlFall is in full swing! The trees have changed to the most beautiful autumn colors and the days are definitely shorter. So you know that means...

HALLOWEEN is here!!!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is the time of year when we don our witch hats and vampire teeth and pay for people to scare the hell out of us. Literally. I've never understood the concept of haunted houses. Why would I give someone money voluntarily to terrify me? Is that supposed to be fun? Am I supposed to enjoy that? Because if the concept of adulting doesn't scare the bejesus out of me, I'm almost positive that a mummy jumping out of a coffin won't give me cause to pause?

But... that's neither here or there.

The fact of the matter is that #FatGirlFall is the perfect time for an occasion such as Halloween. Cosplay is a very popular trending topic and it is not just for kids or video game nerds. It is a whole entire lifestyle and there are definitely a plethora of options.

I've done some research on the subject this week. It's actually the first year since 4th grade that I will be dressing up and going out, so I am super excited. I didn't know what I was going to dress as, so I decided to let the hashtags do the work and do some recon.

#PlusSizeHalloween and #PlusSizeHalloweenCostume on Instragram gave me all of the life that I needed, and I decided to share my love with you all.

Isn't that fabulous?























Do you see anything that you like? There is so much versatility and so much fabulousness that I almost can't take it! These ladies did the damn thing and I can hardly wait for Thursday so I can show you all what I came up with.

All of these gorgeous Halloween beauties can be found by searching their names on Instagram, which I have listed according to their costumes above. As for me, I've picked my costume as a variation from the ones shown above.

Can you guess what it is???

There is no reason that you can't do cute cosplay. All of these ladies look fabulous and #BigGirlFine and there is no reason that you cannot do the exact same. Pick a style or create your own. The point is to enjoy life and have a good time. Like I said before, you deserve it.

Have a great week and enjoy your Halloween if you celebrate. When you post your costume, make sure you tag me @theedamnitsam. Don't forget to check out "The BigGirl Talk Podcast". The first 2 episodes are available now and new episodes drop every Friday.

And that is a whole mood *big girl kisses*


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