It's My Favorite Time of Year!!!

And no. I'm not talking about winter. I hate snow and everything that comes along with it. I'm talking about February 14th, my favorite day of the year...


And don't start in on the history of it and the mess that the greeting card industry has made of it. Valentine's Day represents love and romance and if you want to know one thing about Sam, it's that she luvs love.

I really do.

I have had 2 significant relationships in my lifetime. I was married once. And I have never properly celebrated Valentine's Day. I'm not really sure what a proper way to honor love is, but I know that I have never done it. I've held out hope every year that a man that I love will spoil me rotten on the day of love, but alas... It hasn't happened yet.


I've heard "It's just one day. " "I don't believe in it." And to me that translates to "I'm too cheap to be bothered" or "I don't want to". And that's totally fine with me. But I love it and I believe, one day, and man will come along that will love me enough to love it right with me.

I used to get mad at myself. "Sam!" I would say to myself in my head, "You don't need a man! Why would you want to be in a relationship again? Just give it up! You're better off alone." Well to some, that might be true. But it's definitely not true for me.

It's just who I am. I am a loving person.

Yeah, I know. I'm sarcastic and awkward and an introvert. I proudly display the hashtag #BooksBeforeBoys on t-shirts, mugs and all over Instagram. I prefer staying home to going out and I have a general dislike for socializing. I know. That usually means that I do not want to meet anyone, right?

Nope. Wrong again.

All of those things are true about me. But what is also true is that God designed me with a very big heart and a desire to be in love. Who am I to tell God that He's wrong? And, if He gave me the desire, then He will be the one to bring it to pass. I don't have to worry about it or look for it because I know that, when the time is right, I'm going to look up from the pages of one of my books and a man will be there saying, "Damn it, Sam! I've been waiting for you!"

But until then, I have books and blogs and you...

So what do you like to do for Valentine's Day? Is it a big deal? Or just another day?

Let me know! Comments below....


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