It's Only 6 Pounds.... My Butt!!!

Good Morning. Grand Rising. Happy Mondaying.


So I'm in a bad mood, if you hadn't noticed.

My weekend was as usual. 5 kids, one house, 2 televisions, not enough food for a medium sized army. That's nothing new. Happens almost every 7 days. But, at work on Saturday, I was brave enough to get on the scale an what did that little gray bastard have to say???

I gained 6 pounds. Damn.

I can hear your judgey voices saying "Oh my God Sam! Stop being so dramatic.

First of all, don't talk to me like that.

And second of all... Don't talk to me like that.

6 pounds might not seem like a big deal to you, but it might as well be a thousand to me. I started this life-change journey in May when I was preparing for a cruise this past October. Between May and September I lost 32 pounds. Again, that might not seem like a big deal to you, but it was major to me. Especially since I had never seriously tried losing weight before. And, once I started losing, I gave myself a "Never Number". As in Sam, your ass bet not neva go higher that THIS NUMBER on the scale again.

And to answer your next question: No I haven't crossed the Never Number. But I am 6 pounds closer to that number, which makes me want to call off work and sit in the middle of the bed eating ice cream and watching Tyler Perry plays.

But I won't.

I woke up and took my kids to school in the usual fashion, but I also grabbed my sweat vest and cream from the car, pulled up my trusty YouTube and did a beginner's Barre workout. I am spent and still want to eat ice cream, but I'm going to go back to water only, amp up my intermittent fasting and dial back on the carbs. I might not go to the gym everyday like I did last year, but working out from home might be the move for me right now. I know what I'm supposed to be doing and I have a plan. I'm back on my grind now.

Stop looking at me like that. Yes, it was only 6 pounds to you, but to me it was an alarm clock screaming "NOT NEVA!!!!" in my ear like an angry parrot. It's not a New Year's resolution. It's a "that number can creep up quick so pay attention" statement.

I hear you! And I'm working on it...

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