Mother of Dragons...

I’m a mother of 3 dragons.

And much like Daenerys Targaryen (1st of her name), they defend me and I worry about them.

I think it’s a combination of the world we live in and the fact that I just lost a child, but I am super conscious of my boys. I dropped The Moe off at her summer program and ran some errands, deciding to take my boys to my favorite park’s playground. It’s in a predominately non-Black area and, not too long after we arrived, several other children arrived as well.

I don’t racial profile, but what I do is pay attention. I listen to the news at work and read articles on social media about young children that look like mine being accused of heinous things and the police automatically taking the side of those that don’t look like us. So I’m hypersensitive about how my kids interact with others. You never know who the next Susan or Karen looks like. Those who want to call the police over the smallest things that may just end in my children being assaulted or observing their mother being assaulted for defending them.

It’s a sad state of affairs.

Yes, they are young. And yes, it may just seem like an innocent trip to the playground. But how many outings start off blameless and end up with a trip to the hospital, or even worse... the morgue. Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Demarcus Wilson, Larenzo Smith, Lavontay White, Kenwon Parker... all names of children and teenagers killed in a Chicago while going to school, or taking their girlfriend Valentine’s Day gifts or just breathing. Breathing while being Black.

Damn It, Sam! Why does it have to be a race issue? Well, I don’t know. Why does the media profile Black children killed in the streets by senseless violence? Why are Black men pulled over, arrested and incarcerated more than any other race in America? I don’t know why, but I know that facts and statistics and be discussed, not argued. And I know that I’m responsible for raising three Black men to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings so they’re Kindergarten graduation pictures won’t be featured on the 9 o’clock news.

I want my children to grow as long as possible with their innocence in tact. We’re still tooth fairying and Santa Clausing over here. They will have plenty to concern themselves with in the coming years

I am a Mother of Dragons. I refuse to let my children become numbers on a statistics chart or a newspaper article that reads “Gone Too Soon.”

So I’be taught them their colors and how to write their name. I’ve taught them how to pronounce words right and how to behave in school. I’m teaching them how to save money and how to keep their rooms and bodies clean. And I also have to teach them how to act when they’re older and get pulled over by the police, how to respond when being falsely accused, and how to alway, always tell the truth and not resist. Not to cower in read but to stand y’all on their power.

Because, soon I’ll have to release my Dragons into the wild and pray that they will be and remain safe...

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