Oh! So That's What That Means!!!

I've been such a fool...

And, by fool I don't mean stupid. Well, at least not in this instance. I have been stupid a time or two or twelve thousand in my lifetime. But that's not what I'm ranting about today.

Today I'm talking about the fool's paradise I've been basking in my entire adult life.

Have you ever heard that term? "Fool's Paradise"? I had heard it before but I never fully understood the meaning of it until just this morning.

If you didn't notice, I didn't post yesterday. I was in distress from a trying day Wednesday. It's okay if you didn't miss me. I understand. But, up until today, I realize that I have been missing a key lesson in my life that I just now learned at 37 and 3/4 years old.

Life will never be without struggles.

Now, before you get all hyped up and start going off, let me explain what I mean.

I think that I have been believing this fantasy that when I get to a certain point in my life, trauma stops. I don't know why I believed this, but I did. I figured, if I got into a certain tax bracket, put all of my bills on autopay with no worries, moved out of the hood and into a 4 bedroom home with driveway, connected garage and backyard with deck, upgraded my mom van to a Ford Flex for the family and a BMW X6 for me, was better able to provide for my family and marry my MCE... After I got to do all that, I would be fine. That's when I will have arrived. No more worries. No more stress. No more struggling.

My own person Damn Fool's Paradise.

But after a stressful day on Wednesday, I realized that my life will never be without hard times. No one's life is above the ups and downs of it all. Of course, one day sooner than later money won't be such a big struggle for me. I will have all my bills paid on time, have a generous savings account balance, live in a home and have a couple of cars. And yes, I will marry my MCE, even if it's not the one I have today. I believe that all of my dreams will be made manifest while I can enjoy them, and that my dreams will even be exceeded. But, even with all of this goal-meeting and dream-come-truing, I will still have struggles, stress and tears.

Because that's just how life goes.

I have learned a lot of hard lessons. I've lost friends and I'm sure that I will lose family as well. because life isn't permanent. Things and people come and things and people go. No thing lasts forever. It's all about how I perceive these things that matter most.

Will I live in a perpetual state of worry or fear of these difficult moments? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Because moments pass. The things that I thought I would never be able to live without were taken from me and, look at me.

Still breathing...

Hard times pass. Good times pass. The Sun rises and the Sun also sets. Seasons change with the gust of a strong wind and you know what happened when it went from a pleasant breeze to a hurricane gale force? I adapted.

And so did you.

You can make it. No.... scratch that. You WILL make it. Check in your rearview and see how far you've come. You gonna stop now? No you can't. You won't. There is so much more life ahead of you that only you can live. So don't get comfortable in that Fool's Paradise like I did. Live your life and enjoy it, but also stay prepared. Stay vigilant, and my MCE likes to tell me. Things will happen.

But look at it less as stress and more as life lessons learned...


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