Potatoes, Tomatoes & the Real Pretty Salad...

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Sorry I missed you all yesterday. Best Friend #2 had an emergency and, in usual Sam fashion, I had to go and help.

Because that's how I roll.

But this got me to thinking about my circle. I have a large biological family: loads of aunts and uncles and big cousins and baby cousins. There are literally Strahans and Taylors everywhere. But as much family as I have, I realized that I'm not close to any of them. I mean, we hang out at parties and family gatherings. I do have one cousin I'm mildly close to. She was even in my wedding but that's because we have things in common, like our love for staying home. And we were mostly pregnant at the same time. So if she's reading this...

Luv you, cuz...

But for the most part, I don't really know my family. This used to bother me because... well, we're family. Shouldn't we be super close? Not necessarily.

Its like potatoes and tomatoes.

Stay with me. I do have a point.

Potatoes is a starch yes, but it can also be classified as a root vegetable.

Tomatoes have been in the midst of an identity crisis for centuries. It's classified as a fruit, but is mostly used as a vegetable.

Now, think about a salad. Lettuce, spinach, carrots, croutons, dressing... Potatoes. Right? No? But why not? It's a vegetable, and salads are mostly vegetables, correct?

But no. When we think of a salad, we want tomatoes, not potatoes. But why? It's fruit, not a vegetable! It doesn't belong in a salad!

Yes, it is a fruit. But I love it in my salad.

Just because it's classified as a fruit, doesn't mean that it will always be eaten like a fruit. I don't want any tomato ice cream, just like I wouldn't want strawberry sauce on my pasta. It doesn't work for me. It's not my preference.

In my short years as a citizen of the Universe, my life experience has taught me that my family is what I make it. Sure, some families are biologic, but mine is not. I love my parents and my brother to death, but that's where my close natural family ends. My friends are my family: Best Friend #1, Best Friend #2, Best Friend #3 and the Boy Best Friend. Those are my people. We blend like a great salad with the perfect ingredients.

And we're pretty too.

I love, Love, LOVE French fries, and mashed potatoes and pot roast... Oh My GOD! I love it... But I like my salad, sans potatoes. They're high in carbs anyway, and i'm low-carbing it right now. They still have a place in my life, they're just not as close to me as my salad.

I am a member of the best OES Chapter on the planet (no argument!). I have co-workers that are amazing and supportive. I have other people in my life that I love as well. And I love my family. They are super cool. And they will always be my family. But comparing them is like comparing potatoes and tomatoes. Both food, but 2 different categories. Now, my immediate family?

Kids. Parents. Brother. Friends.

Now that's a tasty salad...


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