Ready... Set... GO!!!

Happy Mondaying to all!

Aren't you excited to start a new week? I know I am.

My weekend was full of reading and enlightenment. I've been doing a lot of studying lately. I'm not in school or anything, but who says that learning stops at formal education?

I've been on this crazy journey for a few years now and, honestly, I don't see an end to it in sight. I used to be the type of personal that wanted to hurry through things to get to the end and move on but now I'm just happy to be along for the ride. There is so much to see in every day life. So much more than working for pay days and living for weekending. Take time to enjoy it!

Anyway, while I've been reading and studying, I have also been paying attention to myself. Why am I the way I am? What a thinking and why am I thinking about it?

And, do you know what I realized about myself???

I lack discipline.

I have no will power whatsoever. I can decide on something and forget about it all in the same moment. Especially where my weight loss is concerned.

I think it's because I grew up in such a strict, religious environment. My parents decided everything for me. That way, I didn't have to make any decisions on my own. I mean, I have incredible manners and my ability to follow directions is exceptional. But it also put me at a disadvantage because my decision making skills are horrible. I procrastinate until he last possible moment and I have crazy levels of indecisiveness.

I know this about myself. So as a teenager, I wasn't in charge so I did what I was told. As an adult, I eat cheesecake for dinner when my kids are asleep.


But, from what I have been learning lately, lack of discipline is what causes failure. I self-sabotage a lot because I don't really commit to anything on my own.

I want to be better. Sooooo bad.

So help me out. I'm not just talking to you to tell you my business. I want you to help hold me accountable for the decisions that I make. The hardest step to take is actually deciding. Knowing what you want is almost half the battle; the rest is just following through. My follow through is so weak but I am determined to do better and be better.

If for no one else, strictly for myself.

I want to do better with my weight. Less sugar to no sugar. Less carbs to low carbs. Eventually I want to start working out again, but my intuition is telling me to take it step by step. Conquer one hurdle before moving on to the next. So that's my goal this month. That's my intention. If I can focus on that, I'll master it and then be stronger to move on. I will put my full intention on being aggressively disciplined. I've been way to lenient on myself. Back to business for Sam.

Because self-discipline is important and I got things to do, places to go and people to see...

Do you have a problem with your follow through? Tell me all about it!

Comment below. I can't wait to hear from you...

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