Shut Up and Take It!!!

So I have this little problem: I can't take a compliment.

I don't know what my issue with them is, but whenever someone tries to give me a compliment, I have the sudden urge to either be extremely sarcastic or point out something about myself that is the exact opposite.

It's a sickness...

Someone says, "Oh Sam! You're so smart!" I say, "Nah, I just read a lot."

Someone else says, "Oh Sam! I love your outfit!" I say, "Oh no. The pants are a little too tight."

Or someone else says, "Oh Sam! You look so cute today!" I say, "Thanks I took a bath!"

A guy said, "Damn, your eyes are beautiful" and I said, "No they're not. They're so dark brown their almost black."

I don't know what the hell is wrong with me.

I know I'm attractive. A little chubby but fat isn't ugly. I'm downright cute. I'm intelligent. My dark, sarcastic humor is known to be funny. I'm wise and honest, responsible and polite. I may throw a bit of shade here and there, but I mean no harm. Mostly. My credit score is going up which is making me very happy. I mind my business and leave other people's business alone.

I'm a catch, really.

So why do I have such a hard time taking compliments? Why can't I just say, "thank you" and move on? Why do I feel the need to put myself down when others are merely being nice stating the truth?

I have no idea. But I know that I'm not the only one that has this sickness.

And I know that modesty and humility are good, but confidence is even better. I know that perception of yourself is important, but that self-love speaks volumes. If you know that you're great, stop being surprised that other people are as impressed with you as you are impressive. You're amazing! It's evident. You can't hide how awesome you are any more than I can hide it, so bask in it. Be warmed by the love that other people have for you, because you deserve it.

Do you believe that? Do you believe that you deserve love and appreciation and compliments and adoration? You should, because you do. So the next time someone is bold enough to point out one of your good qualities, don't overshadow it by shading yourself with criticism. Shut up and take it. It's the truth.

And you wanna know a trick to make someone smile? Tell them they have a nice butt.

Ask my friends. It works every time...


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