W.W.S.D- What Would Savannah Do???

Everyone has bad days, me included. Sometimes my bad days extend into bad weeks. I try very hard not to let the bad weeks turn into bad month. The longer they last, the harder it is to get rid of them. So I give myself no more than 28 days to recover from something emotionally. When you have a history with depression, and you’ve overcome it successfully, you do your damndest not to ever fall back as far as you came. Most times it takes no more than 15, but I give myself a grace period. Some trials are harder than others. So, 28 days is my limit. I also try to pay close attention to what I think about while I’m overcoming those down days. Not distractions so to speak. More like hooks. My dad is a lifetime member of the fisherman’s club and, when my brother and I were little, he used to take us with him. I learned how to line a rod, how to cast and reel, how to clean a fish. The most disgusting part of the outings for me was baiting the hooks. In our case, we used nightcrawlers, but I’ve seen people use hotdogs and even cubes of cheese. Secure in on the hook, cast out and wait. If a hungry enough large mount bass comes along and decides that a night crawler swinging in mid-water is tempting enough to grab on to it and change the course of its life, them the fisherman can reel it on in. But that can only happen if the fish opens it’s mouth to the bait, getting hooked on the... well, the hook. See how I did that? So, when I need a hook to help me out of the dark, murky waters of the depressed section of my mind, I focus on people that have inspired me. I know that the phrase is usually about Jesus and I'm a big fan of his. But I also believe that God can give us inspiration for what we need from almost everywhere we look. You would think I would pick my mom or dad, a famous singer or politician’s wife or a civil rights hero. Oprah, Michelle Obama, Harriet Tubman. Perfect examples of success and strong Black women. I should think about them when I feel defeated, right. Nope. I think about Savannah Taylor. What? You don’t know who that is??? Well let me tell you! Savannah Taylor is the main character in my book, “The Never List”. She’s been in some really low places and she’s gotten out of all them (with the help of a little floating, of course). She’s overcome poverty, an abusive relationship, low self-esteem, joblessness and a myriad of other obstacles. Not only did she overcome them, but she came out of them with everything she ever dreamed of having. So yeah. She’s my she-ro. But what’s even crazier is that I am Savannah. Samantha=Savannah. I wrote the book! I’ve moved around some pretty sticky situations myself and I’ve come out of some of them and are making my way out of a few more right now. And yes, I do think WWSD on more than one occasion. But do you know what that means? It means that everything that I need to endure obstacles and climb mountains and beat odds is already down on the inside of me. And it’s inside of you too. You can do it. I believe is you. And when you conquer that depression and walk away from that relationship and stop listening to the negative voices in your head for long enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel, tell me about it. I wanna hear every detail. You got this...


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