Welcome to Sexy Time Saturdays!

Well good morning and Happy Weekending to you!

I know I play around all day and give some crazy accurate advice, but I want to talk for real for the next 3 minutes...

Sexy Time is something that I'm pretty sure all grown & sexy people do so, why not talk about it, right?


Anyway, according to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, Friday nights are the most popular day that people (being couples or self) have sex.

So, I am going to assume that everyone except me had sex last night. Cuz... You know... I'm a nun.


Since your extracurricular/curricular activities are still fresh in your mind, I wanna talk about love. What does one have to do with the other? It doesn't seem like they need to go together these days (no pun intended), but it most certainly does. You can't really have sex without having any form of feelings to have sexy time with another person. Or yourself, for that matter.

That doesn't necessarily mean that your mind is focused on the person that you are having sex with, but it does mean that you are thinking about someone. It just might not be the someone that you're touching or allowing to touch you.

In a survey of 1,300 people conducted by Lovehoney, Britain’s biggest online sex toy brand, it was found that more women admitted to thinking about other people during sex than men do. While 46 percent of women admitted to it, only 42 percent of men said the same thing. In short, that means that almost half of the population of people in the world that had sex with someone either last night or in the wee hours of the morning, was their in the physical but their mind was on the other side of town.


Damn It, Sam is a big believer in love and being in love and showing that love. I want one person that wants me. The end. But I also know that there are people in the world that enjoy a plethora of diverse company... sometimes at the same time. But I wanted to start this new #SexyTimeSaturday era with possibly the most important part of grown folks activity:


I'm not judging your life or your choice to engage in certain thot-ish ways. All I'm saying is that there are too many programs and anonymous, free STD/STI programs for any of us to be walking around, unsure of their health status.


If you are afraid of the results, get over it. You're grown enough to do it. Be grown enough to take care of your health. Spreading more than love is not grown folks behavior. It's ignorant, dangerous and also an offense punishable by fine and possibly prison time. While the laws vary by state, a person not warning his or her sexual partner and transmitting an STD is considered guilty of battery.

Typically, your partner could sue you for negligence or personal injury, and if you lose, you may have to pay monetary damages for your partner’s costs (therapy, medical treatment, loss of time at work, etc.) and injuries. move around the criminal justice system. Criminal charges may ensue if you do not say anything to your partner. In states like California, it is a felony for anyone who knows that they are infected with HIV/AIDS to:

-Engage in unprotected sexual activity with a partner

-Not tell the partner about their HIV status

-Engage in unprotected sexual activity for the purpose of infecting the partner with HIV

Anyone violating this law faces up to eight years in jail. California’s law, and other state laws as well, makes it a misdemeanor (resulting in a few months in jail, a fine, or both) if the STD is something other than HIV/AIDS.

But it shouldn't even come to this, right? Common courtesy and respect have to reign supreme; respect for yourself first, as well as other people. You can't tell something that you don't know. Don't ruin your life being mannish and letting lust bunnies run your life. Hormones, urges and sex drive are real life situations, but so are communicable diseases, no matter whether they are curable or life-long. Keep it in your pants and have some self-control until you know you are totally healthy. Ignoring it isn't an option.

So, before you touch another somebody's son or daughter, respectively, find out.

And next Friday night, you can continue on with your #SexyTime shenaniganizing.

Okay? Okurrrr….

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