What Should I Write About Today???

Writing a blog everyday is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

So, while I'm sitting at my laptop in front of a blank screen, waiting for inspiration to strike, something made me turn to my kids and ask the question:

"What should I write about today???"

Three said, "You can write a story about a merman falling in love with a mermaid."

Um. No. He's a hopeless romantic in an eight-year-old's body.

Moe put her hand on her chin like a woman in deep thought.

Stacey... well she didn't say anything, because she' s in the living room in her eighteen-year-old feelings. I have no idea what the attitude is for this time. Maybe because the sun came up, or I breathed wrong.

Dave said, "Dinosaurs!"

But I told him I can't write about dinosaurs because I don't know anything about them, and I don't care to know.

And then Ace said, "But you know everything!"

And to them I guess I do know everything.

I'm their main source of valuable information for their everyday life. I wake them up in the morning, get them showered and dressed in the clothes that I miraculously washed, ironed and folded overnight. I provide their meals, transportation and fund their entertainment.

I answer their questions when they have them, I dry their tears when they cry and I do everything I can to make sure that, at least at home, they have everything that they need. They think I'm smart and funny and beautiful and rich the most amazing woman in the world.

Because they are mine.

I bet yours think that you're everything too. Whether you have five like me or one, and no matter what their ages are, you are your kids superhero. They call for you when they hurt and they look for you when you when they're happy. Being a parent is the epitome of a thankless job, but I don't need thanks. I just need my kids to be okay and grow up safely and become the independent, productive members of society that I know they each have the capacity to be. I raised them, so I know.

I write books and blogs, make t-shirts and wine glasses. I draw blood. I'm a best friend and a Sister and a sister and a daughter. But no job is as important as the five babies that have called me mom. My job as their mother isn't to be their drill sergeant or their dictator. It isn't to be their friend, and certainly not a yes man. I'm just their mom.

And I'm good with that...


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