#SamTriedIt Wednesday, Social Experiment Edition...

Private social experiments are kind of my thing.

I read a lot and my brain retains a lot of information, and I observe a lot of different behaviors from a lot of different people so, when I hear something that sparks my interest, I try it.

And now I have a place to share my notes. Just don't judge me. You should always be open to trying new things.

Except crack. Or meth. Don't try those.

Soooo, a few months ago... Actually, it was the night after My Chief's funeral, my brother and the boy best friend were still pretending to be my top flight security guards. I had the hardest morning of my life to date; it was the day that I and my family and friends honored my daughter with her last service, ate some super good food at the repast, celebrated her transition with a balloon release and then went bowling with some friends. I know that it is an odd combination of events for one day, but, at the time, moving around was how I was dealing with my daughter.


After bowling, I decided that I needed to go to Wal-Mart. No specific reason other than I didn't want to go home. It was as almost midnight but I knew that I wasn't going to sleep, so why not go spend money on some random things that I only mildly need? Plus, my brother, who lives out of town, forgot to pack some essentials that he didn't want to be without of: underwear.

This lack of packing started a WHOLE conversation about this amongst the men in life. Literally. Like they were standing in the men's unmentionable section in the Wal-Mart for more than 20 minutes, my brother defending the great need for man draws and my boy best friend, proudly claiming that he goes without them on the regular. I had no opinion on the subject and took no sides because 1.) I'm not a man, and 2.) I needed underwear.

Or do I??? Which brings me to my most recent private social experiment:

Damn It, Sam Goes Commando!!!

I was on vacation for a week, visiting my brother (which was a total coincidence) and forgot to pack the stack of panties that I took out of the drawer. But, instead of running out to get some, I decided I could live without it for a week.

And how did it go, you're asking?

Um... Well...

It was a very uncomfortable week down there.

First of all, speaking as your friendly, neighborhood big girl, the week started off uncomfortably. It gets really, REALLY hot in Virginia Beach and I was definitely sweating. Its a bit disconcerting to feel sweat running down places you aren't used to feeling that in unless I'm working out. And walking from the car into the Hooters is not working out.

And secondly, it was liberating in my mind, but that was a signal that my mind didn't send to the rest of my body. It was just an uncomfortable feeling over all.

And as a woman that has pushed out 5 babies, comfortable is my happy place. Especially in the nether regions.

It was definitely a very interesting outcome. It might be more of a mental choice than a physical one, but this is one instance where my mind will win the battle. I love underwear from the bottom of my soul. Its like a security blanket, but it comes in different colors and patterns and it covers my butt. When I was young & carefree, my panties matched my bra and they both coordinated with my outfit and that made me feel sexy and sensual. I'm going to have to get back to that, at least sometimes. Lately, especially since I've been single, its more about what's clean and accessible rather than what's cute and feels good.

All I kept thinking about was Eartha Kitt in Boomerang, whispering to Eddie Murphy, “Marcus, darling. I don’t have any panties on.” Which made me giggle randomly during the day and made me feel even more strange. I kept wondering if people could tell. We went to Dave & Busters and, every guy I caught looking at my butt, I wondered... Does he know???

This did, however give me a lot of insight into the male mind. I read an article that said 13% of men do not wear underwear. That doesn't seem like a lot, but out of every 100 men, 13 of them aren't sporting boxers or briefs. I used to think that the differences between men and women were a figment of the imagination and strictly physical, but the more social experiments that I try based on a man's perspective, the more I both question and understand the odd choices that men make. Y'all just think differently than we do. Not better or worse; just different.

But, as for me and my private parts:

Panties me, please...

What about you? Underwear or nah???

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