While We're Talking About Wizards...

Have you ever seen the Wizard of Oz?

I'm sure you have. Twisters, dogs, witches... It's a very complicated story. If you have lived in a bunker your whole life and, by chance have never seen it, let me catch you up:

There's this teenage girl that lives with her aunt and uncle on a farm and somehow decides that her simple agricultural family life wasn't grand enough for her and she wants more. Her dog bit the meanest woman in the little town and the lady takes her dog to be put down but the god runs away. So she decides that she's going to run away to save her dog but she winds up going to see this fake psychic who tells her that she needs to go see her aunt but, while he's giving her a fake reading. While she was getting her reading, a tornado heads towards her farm and her family goes down into the bunker to hide and when she gets back the house is empty. The tornado blows in and shakes her house like a snowglobe, giving her a harsh blow to the head and she dreams a 2 hour dream.

Well, that's my summary anyway...

This is less about the Lollipop Guild, Flying Monkeys and poppies, but more about the actuals of the movie that most people overlook: all of her friends and the main villain were people that she knew in real life. Yes darling. The Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, Tin Man and even the Wizard himself, along with the Wicket Witch of the West, were people that she knew in real life.

Her dreams were based on her reality.

Dorothy's brain convinced her that she went to this awesomely colorful world full of apple-throwing trees and yellow bricked roads because she thought she needed an escape. Her everyday life had become so stressful with its long boring days and overbearing guardians that she thought going away would make everything better. But when she finally got as far away as she could possibly travel, all she wanted to do was go home.


Sometimes I want to escape from my life. I want to be footloose and fancy-free. No kids, no job, no businesses, no parents, no obligations. I want to wake up and lounge around, not caring about laundry or t-shirts or any responsibilities whatsoever. But then, who would I be?

Because my life is who I am.

If I woke up one day and didn't have to take care of my kids, I wouldn't know what to do. If I didn't go draw blood all day, how would I live? If I didn't have my 2 Piece Spicy or my Best Friend or the Boy Best Friend, if I wasn't my parents' daughter or my brother's sister or my Sisters' Sister... I wouldn't be Sam.

What I do doesn't define me, but I choose to live my life in a way that exhibits who I am. I am reliable, responsible, funny, caring, witty and wonderful because my life has created me that way. the Universe has given me everything I need to live my best life, and that's what I'm doing.

So the next time you get the urge to pull it to you and run away from everything that is pulling you down in your life, maybe it's time to re-evaluate what you have going on. You can't wait for something to come along to cause you to live your best life. If you're waiting for a twister, it might not take you to Oz to kill a witch. I mean, yeah, she did have some pretty red stilettos, but they were created for her. You can't walk miles in someone else's shoes because they aren't made for you. I would never wear stilettos, but some badass glittery purple ballerina flats could work...

Some storms come to mix things up what's sedentary so that you can clean house and make the life that you desire to have.

Your best life starts today. Be your own wizard, wave your own wand and make your dreams happen now. Now get your own shoes get moving...


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